Smell Question


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Tons of variables here. Could be the strain, could be conditions etc. There's really no yes or no answer to your question. The plant should be however it is based off its genetics and environment. Some plants don't really get a strong smell until they get a good cure, some never do. And some stink so bad even while growing your neighbors kids call your house "the skunk" place whenever they run by so you get paranoid and replace all your carbon filters...

mike hand

Thank you everyone I`m trying to get all my ducks in a Row before I start and don`t waste money or time and everyone on here is so helpful. I was only at my buddies home for a couple hours He has no buds, colas just starting so i wasn`t sure if there should be smell but Yes he said he`s got 6 weeks left. he was explaining everything to me and most likely forgot some info. but now when I start I know I can come here for help. Thank You again
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