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Ok guy's I have to get my azz moving on this room again......

so here is my ???

I got a few light's out of a dumpster they will work I'm sure of it.....

the cheapist way for me to do this right now would be to use them and get blubs.....

you guys that really use these what would you do???

1)Philips F32T8/TL935/ALTO 32 Watt 48 Inch 3500K T8 Medium Bip
this is in 3500k

2) I guess Really 1st off what range do you like case I really don't like the single 6500k I have.....

3) or would you go to the led's like this

I want to put in the veg area 3x7.5x5 and I have light 6 double 8fters so I'll have to cut and make this work but..... it's the only way to free up the qb's with out buying more qb's and that's not in the picture right now.....

It's all about working with what's on hand for this ......


Tilts at Tables
NOT the LED ! I have measured them.
Buy the cheapest bulb you can find.
I think I may recall, you posted a photo of a quad electronic ( new style ) ballast ?
Double drive each bulb. 2 bulbs per ballast.
That rocks a veg.

Capt's Farm

ok ty
now on the bulb

I can get a the 3500k for 1.66 @ per 30


5000k @1.49 per 30/case

so what 1's????

Yes it's the new ballast so I was going to do the hot wire and make 4 out of the 9 I got left........ there 6 more in that dumpster I need to just pull the them and use for parts........

I like the 3500k in the QB that's why I was looking at them.......
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