The Great Reset

Keif Lint

In Bloom
Killed off everthing to go on holiday so new journal for the new year. A few beans popped some old some new.
First is some TERP_ FI3ND Sour Apple Truffles x3 and Funkadelic x2 sat01 - Copy.jpg
funk01 - Copy.jpg
And Peyote Critical x Chung Lee for F2. 15/17 germinated with one looking dodgy with small or no true leaves.
peychung f2 - Copy.jpg
All were wet on the 28th December 2020 into jiffys then cups with potting mix, mushroom compost and perlite once roots showed. Under HLG qb135 rspec 70% power on 24/0 about 40cm from canopy in a 60cmx60cmx180cm tent.


Tilts at Tables
My Peyo jar is a moving target.
Last seen here.
I don't have it nailed down proper~ but it is somewhere, complete opposite end of the spectrum from , , ass.

I have been doing some closet Chung popping, yours are ahead of mine. I will invite you over for a look, soon.

Keif Lint

In Bloom
I've been dropping hours each night from 24/0 to 12/12 last night 242 - Copy.jpg
A little early but needs must, I gave out most of my stash to friends over christmas.

I've popped some more beans- Cake and Chem, Tomahawk, Reverend F2's, King Gelato x Rev, Blue Gelato x Rev, Red Dragon x Rev, Mates Rates x Rev, Double Affie, Iron Duke, NL#5 x Bluberry x Purple Thai and some CBD Putang Magoo x Suzy Too for the next run.
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