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The "Strain Name" Game

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HydroRed 7.2K


3Thirteen Seeds
Staff member
Feb 10, 2020
3Thirteen Seeds has a handfull of new strains coming out soon.
I have names for all of them but 1....and I need your help!

Im looking for an original, creative, and memorable name that is relative to the strains lineage and then some.
The new cross consists of the following strains:
Sin City Juice (LVTK x Mimosa) X Orange Julius (Mothers Milk x Mimosa)

-You can post as many names as you want, but each one must be in seperate posts! ONLY 1 name allowed per post!

This thread will close on 4/20
The top 3 names with the most likes will be put in a poll and voted on (at my discretion) for 3 days.

Winner of the "Strain Name" Game poll will receive a free 12 seed pack of this new strain when released
along with some additional 3Thirteen Seeds & swag all shipped to your door!
Lets see what you got pHenohunters!

Not open for further replies.