The Wang Protocol


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OK, here is a good starting point.

Each Liter of media should include:
PGR(s) of your choice that is not heat-labile. (Heat-labile PGR's should not be autoclaved or co-autoclaved but rather filter sterilized)
4.43g·L-1 Murashige & Skoog (aka Full MS)
30 g·L-1 Sucrose as a carbon source
6.8 g·L-1 Agar (or another gelling agent)
The pH of the medium adjusted to 5.8
Sterilize in an autoclave at a temperature of 121C and at the pressure of 15 lbs psi for 15 min

PPM or another biocide.


  • A Micropropagation System For Cloning of Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) by Shoot Tip Culture - Wang.pdf
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This is awesome @SCJedi, the more I read the more interested I get! Where have you found is the best place to get decent PGR materials? Murashige & Skoog primarily. Any preferred brand?


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If you have the scratch go get lab grade materials from fisher or sigma, otherwise us cavemen shop at places like phytotech or caisson labs. I think my last order was from the latter.

You can buy pouches that make enough MS for a single liter of media. I typically buy it 100 grams bottles, that way I know it's always fresh
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