Trip report: snorkeling on 155ug


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me and my fiancee were in Hawaii, Maui. And we had tickets to take a tour to a small neighboring island to go snorkeling so 10 a.m. dropped 1 teachers gaze 155ug tab 99.97% needlepoint lsd.

11 am got to the beach right when I begin to feel the waves, literally and figuratively

11a.m. - 1p.m. sailing along with dolphins swimming next to us drinking mai this and watching the mountains in the distance doing waves, every color was bright , happy and sunny, peoples faces had high detail.

1p.m. -3 p.m. got to the island and started snorkeling, the light coming through the water made for some very very triple interactions, i remember specifically 1 fish that was bright neon colored and the way the light was hitting it the fish looked as if it had a psycnedelic colored pattern that was flowing over its body, almost like as the fish moved the pattern stayed still and it swam thru the pattern. Didn't have any problem coordinating myself at this dose was very safe and it gave e the entire experience feel that much more brightened and golden.

3p.m. to 6 p.m. ate a small.dinner and sailed back to Maui. The darker overtones on everything gave some really cool melting and blending effects, I was seeing like bright spots in the water swirling and dancing around By the time we get back the effects are beginning to diminish.

6p.m.-10p.m. drive back to the motel, shower, and go for a walk along the beach, feeling super clean and having my feet inthe sand gives me complete pleasure and I slowly glide down into a soft white cotton sheet bed ending one of the best low dose experiences in


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From GG.

Low dosing lsd, like 100ug on any vacation day just embeds that day with rose tinted glasses. I used to be "all.or nothing" with lsd but after s9 many 800ug+ trips ive come to really really enjoy the low 100-150ug accent to an already wonderful day.


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would you say tripping on lsd for a person who has seizure give negative issues?
Knowing that everyone is different, I'd just say in my experience with someone who had grand mal seizures. He would start twitching/ trembling if we stayed up all night and eventually have a seizure. But if he used it during the day, he never had the trembling or seizures. Which led me to theorize if he had adequate rest their wasn't an adverse effect from the hallucinogens. Just my opinion and what I noticed.

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I took shrooms before I started having seizures . What are Amsterdam truffles ( had those ones that were cool )

I just look at the rx and foxy has pushed us a one way circle on all meds when a holistic choice is sometimes the safer route for so many people and if they had paid testing or people giving reviews after . There def would be awareness of wht works much better ( not that they care or want thy side of things unforntely )

Thing about me today is I only do cannbis and I only drank when I was under 21 and never even been a bar before . Cannabis and my anti seizures and I’m pretty sure then cannabis has saved Me the most (log shows that by more I take less seizures )
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