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Do they actually fight again nowadays?

I stopped watching 20, 25 years ago, when Tank Abbott got beat with a toe twist, and everybody was just rolling around on the ground, humping their way to submissions.
Look, if you wanna don some tights and roll around all night, that's great, just keep it to the locker room, or the bedroom. I didn't pay $50 to see a couple guys sniffing each others armpits- I wanna see a fight!
Fuck Dana, his shoe collection, and the Ultimate Foreplay Championship...

That being said, them there boys look & sound Latin or Filipino, so they probably actually fought... 😁(y)


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They fought and they fought hard .
I totally get your point of view on the ground work from a spectators view point but I also understand it is mixed martial arts so it will encompass the spectacular and also the less dynamic and at times often mundane ground work .
Either way you see it , these guys are tough as nails . The ability to recover composure and counter attack in the face of an onslaught at times is pretty amazing .
I’d rather watch UFC than a lot of other sports on TV like Golf zzzzzzz


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That was a pretty great card.
I hated to see Bobby Knuckles get beat up by that South African goof, but hopefully Izzy will smash him.

I really like Moreno, but Pantoja earned the win. That was a great fight.

Volk is just an amazing fighter. That he seems like a hell of a good man makes me a big fan. The Topuria fight will be a good test.

I got a huge kick out of the pronunciation of the one Brazillian fighter's name. It reminded me of the Key and Peele Substitute Teacher skit.

Her name is Denise Gomes

It is pronounced Dee-knee-see Gomes(rhymes with homes).

Finding out Dan Hooker broke his wrist in the second round was pretty impressive. Guy just switched to elbows instead of fists and kept on going.


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More fodder for Nunes coming up .

It was great to see the Lioness go out on top in her last fight. I'm not much of a fan of WMMA, but there are a few fighters that earn my respect, and Nunes is on top of that list. I hope she has a long and happy retirement.
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