What's for dinner tonight?


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I was over on another site and there's a thread just like this that I've found some entertainment in. Thought it would be cool to have one over here.....

So today was my wife's bday and with cases of covid blowing up around us we decided we weren't going anywhere to celebrate. I let her pick what she wanted me to make and she chose elk steak, homemade mac n cheese, and salad. Some tomato and avocado bites to go with the steak and it was a pretty tasty meal.

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So I made fish tacos tonight with smoked salmon marinaded in a cilantro, line, garlic sauce. Been thinking about doing this for a while. Anyway beer battered smoked salmon chunks, homemade chipotle sauce, angel hair cabbage slaw, and green onions. The fried fish piece's were pretty amazing alone because you get the smokey flavor in there. Throw it all into a taco and it was dank enough for 420 ?.
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been on a slump in the kitchen recently. will be tuning in here for more ideas. wife doesnt like to eat a lot of meat so we do lots of vegetable-centric dishes. I like to cook indian, thai, and mexican food quite a bit. mmmm....now that I'm typing this im thinking a Pad kie Mao (drunken noodles) is sounding pretty dang good....
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