Who else HIGH right now????

I'm That7dsgye (That 70's Guy) for those that struggle. I'm a cool high guy that loves his plant's, cat's, dog and family. My favorite strain is Maui Wowie by Sativa Seed bank, however I'm a Indica kinda guy. been growing for over 6 years now and still feel like there's a lot more to this miracle plant. My next move is to get into breeding once I find some space or an offsite location to tame the pollen.


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This world would be awesome if cannabis legal everywhere.... :carlton:
The train has started and it ain't stoppin. We'll get there. It's just a verrrrry slow process, cuz even with legal states, counties and even cities can choose to be non-friendly. Hopefully with sites like ours, we can bring more awareness to the masses and help bring full legality to a reality.


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welcome to Phenohunter @That7dsgye !
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