Question Will they fly ?


Tilts at Tables
All my crosses sprouted over 80%
Many 100.
These have always looked like hell, and are growing absolutely horribly.
That F2 pollen also hit a Crockett female, and those sprouts look fine.
I mix media fairly consistently. Water same elixir to all sprouts.
I comfortable believing that this is something caused by incorrect husbandry.

But it begs the question, did I produce a bad batch of seed?
Is that a thing?
Second row from right. 4x Front to back.
20201019_210917.jpg They all look stupidly unique, yet in similar fashion.
20201019_210950.jpg 20201019_210944.jpg 20201019_210940.jpg 20201019_210938.jpg 20201019_210917_(1).jpg
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