Win my Money - who's interested?

Amos Otis

So, I'm shuckin' seeds and tokin' weeds .... Liminanas blasting ... and I had an idea. After another toke I decided that idea sucked.

Then I had another idea. It could easily suck also. I'm certain you'll let me know. But I was thinking about a contest, and how it could benefit me phenoHunters and the good people here.

Who would commit to a grow contest with either one grand prize of $200, or 2 prizes of $150 and $50? Seeds and papers likely added ... you know me.

How would it work, you ask?

It would require 20 contestants to run an unreleased Brisco cross obtained directly from me - $30 including shipping. Up to you how many seeds you run, but obviously your odds to win a prize increase per bean cultivated. You would have until August to get your seeds with an official start day of Aug 10. This will give you 4 months, and official entry pictures can be submitted then, though in progress grow pics and reports will be encouraged. Also good natured trash talking - much encouraged.

There would be a one week period for pictures entries, thru the 17th, and on the 18th a separate thread would be started for voting, consisting of 6 days, the winner being crowned on Christmas Day. A vote = a post in the thread by any phenoHunters member, including contestants who can vote for themselves if they choose to be that guy.

The pack? I'm not sure, but I'm leaning towards Sour Heisenstein.

OK, so I'm not as ripped as I was when I started typing - I'll fix that right now. Like I said above, this idea could be boom or bust. Let me know. [ I can take it ]


Amos Otis

Forgive me but, what is sour heisenstein?
Might make my decision.
Sounds good but my space and cash is limited during the holidays.
Sour Heisenstein = GPS' Wedding Dub x Hazeman's GG#4 x Sour Grapes. It could just as easily be Starberry Banana [correct spelling]

The spending would come in July, not the holidays, amigo. You might add some greenbacks to your stocking.
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