wordup CA just hit the #CENTURYMARK#


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Well hello and thank you. Hope everyone is relaxing and sprouting some seeds. After all my years of collecting beans with this Shelter In Place, I am finally going to start those pheno hunts and sharpen or learn new grow techniques.
Greetings WordupCA, you're in the right place for all of the above! Glad to have you on board. How did you find us?


Usefulseeds made a post on IG and tagged 3thirteenseeds and saw the post mentioning this site. I haven’t grown in almost 6 years, but within the last 8 months I had survived an event that changed my life and horticulture has always been a positive outlet for me. I have also created a little genetic library for myself over the years ?


Get a chance to run any yet?
I am going to start germinating tomorrow. I am going to do 2-3 rounds of 12 seeds and keep some males.
I just installed my new light Friday for my clones. The fluorescent I had before worked fine, but I felt it wasn’t penetrating past the first tier of new growth and my photo period was too short that’s why the girls started flowering so I increased it to 16.5/8. I hope that does the trick haha. I bought a light off of amazon for under $200,quantum board led.
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