Wtf are these!?!?


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It's in every grocery store and will kill them aphids and friends on contact.

Help me please!!!
I sprayed. Drenched every pla View attachment 38084 nt with neem oil. These are my veg moms. Help thabjs
Hey, im sure tons of people have told you how to kill those aphids. I personally would highly recommend a product, Botanigard. It's very expensive, but it will work and it is derived from natural elements. Not that I would recommend even getting it on your skin without washing it off, but it is what it is. Anyway, good luck, I will stand behind that product though, if you want them GONE, grab Botanigard.
Neem oil will do the trick, like the other bro’s said... but, i use this in my garden, and now swear by it. Jag has a lot of fucked up things, but no bugs. :)

The Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator Concentrate - Eliminate Insects, Mildews from Plants, Lawn and Garden - Indoor and Outdoor Amazon product

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Yeah, i can stand behind this recommendation as well. This is a solid product.


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I love neem oil...the stuff works great if you imulsify it correctly with a soap product.

Neem cakes in my soil forever too.


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Neem is truly fantastic. It gets a bad rap because people do not understand how to use it properly.

neem cakes in my soil (the leftovers from pressing virgin neem in pellets) and neem oil in foliar sprays once a week FOREVER. You must emulsify it into the water or it doesnt work right..that is why you have to add an oil soap (hell dish soap works too...dawn did the job)..

For potting soil for babies...neem cakes in the soil with a spray of neem oil on top is the end of fungus gnats. It is the MIRACLE TREE !!!

Integrated Pest Management is the way to go if you want to be organic and natural (And you live in the great white north where we care about the lives of bees...and im not being sarcastic i think its super GREEN).

The buildasoil info posted here is worth a read. I have created soil that is not pleasant to thrips...added attackers and they are GONE. Suck it thrips.
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