1. Goober

    Goober’s Growery

    Hey guys, I’m new here. Just found this forum today. I’m on Overgrow under a different name but I’ve been growing for almost half of my life. Right now I’m growing some Godfather OG and Dragons Blood Hashplant. I’ve had my hand at breeding before years ago. Me and my brother bred a really...
  2. BH

    BH'S WINTER 23-24 SPRING Indoor

    Lets get this Rolling! :thisisfine::doge: :alert::alert::alert: GONNEA GET WILD UP IN HERE HEHE :punkrocker::rastajoint::bong::dancingsmiley":superhappydance::alert::powerup: ------ ******************* General Grow Information = ----------- Veg Room –---------- * 1st stage light HLG 65 *...
  3. BH

    Horticultural Lighting Group

    we need a hlg thread ! Huge hlg fan and love their lights First podcast ! Amazing Info
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