1P-LSD Microdosing


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Just wanted to follow up and update this thread. I've continued to microdose for the past 5-6 months but I have reduced the dosage to 10 µg instead of 20 µg. I found that 20 µg was just a bit too much because I could feel a slight euphoria later in the day. After dropping to 10 µg I've yet to feel that.

With that being said, I've also reduced a lot of my microdosing altogether. I typically 'trip out' every other weekend and have noticed I don't really need to microdose after a trip. If I trip on a Sunday I'll typically wait until the following Friday to take a microdose.
I havent really made an attempt at microdosing, but I can definately relate to feeling that afterglow for quite some time after a dose...


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So when I first got into psychedelics, I was very very focused on using them to try and help ppl with addiction, depression, and anxiety problems, with all of these whatbi found worked very very well was
Full dose -2 days- microdose 10ug -2 days - micro 10ug - 2 days - microdose - 7 days - full dose - repeat. I did this with a few people, eventually after a month or 2 the desire to take a full dose diminishes and then you'll just carry on microdosing, and when you decide to trip wait 7 days after microdosinh.

I know it eliminates your ability to take a full trip right away whenever you want, they gotta be planned out more, but i can't tell you how it felt to watch these people evolve so quickly, i had a kid 22 years old who was heavily dependant on alcohol, the lsd hugely helped with the withdrawals and kept him.sober after, anxiety and social stress seemed to be eliminated and 1 person who came off of antidepressants and then onto this scheduled said they felt happier than they ever did on the pills and in a different deeper way.

Dmt is also VERY VERY affective at helping to fight these things, in 20 minutes it wipes the brain of all cravings and basically resets it. In combination with either lsd or.mushrooms.microdose it is a huuuuge booster
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