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So it seems like this forum has some well versed intelligent people on it so you all kay already know this but for those who dont, Aloooooot of tabs , like more than half for sure, that are floating around out there are not, at all, LSD-25. theres some analogues that are harmless Ald-52, 1p-lsd, in my opinion lsd-25 is better than both of those especially in visuals by far,

But there are alot that arent even close and can be dangerous, dox, none, etc.

It's important to understand, other drugs, dmt, mdma, MDMA even methamphetamine these can all be made in some garage somewhere by someone with little to moderate chemistry education, synthesizing lsd is a completely different ballgame, it is PhD master level chemistry and needs a full lab setup along with some very fine tuned expensive equiptment, this is why at any one time there are only a handfull of different batches of lsd in the world. A person with the knowledge and resources to manufacture lsd could be making $100,000 and up per year with their skill level, but instead they choose to manufacture a substance that could give them life in prison, so the type of person it takes to do this is rare and a very very very appreciated person.

Real lsd-25 doesnt have different "types" or "strains" as I've heard people say, lsd-25 is a primary semi synthetic alkaloid, it is a very specific chemical that is synthesized from a natural compound extract

The only difference between batches of LSD-25 are purities, and these come from the level of skill the chemist has. There are different names for different purities intent go thru that at the moment but the very very basics of it.
The lsd is not "cut" with another substance the percentage that is not lsd is simply residual organic compound that comes from the source plant or fungus. And these can have negative effects on the body

90% and up lsd purity is the good stuff
Very little to no body discomfort on the comedown virtually no hangover the next day, obviously this all depends on dosage but safe to say taking up to 400ug of 90%+ purity lsd and you wont even feel the comedown and be totally golden the next day.

80-90% your gonna feel the comedown and be draggin the next day probably

Anything below 80% I dont touch, the body pains and sharp stabbing leg pains along with the total trashed feeling the next day isnt worth it.

The good news is that the real lsd that is out there tends to be pretty decent I get between 95 and 99% purity and I'm a happy camper.


There is no 1 part lsd test ok any reagent test can be fooled that's why we do more than 1 to make sure of what were looming at.

So to test lsd you have to buy chemical reagents, these are chemicals in little bottles that when dropped.on a tab or mixed with liquid will react in a certain way telling you what it is reacting with.

The common well known "lsd" test is called the erlich reagent,
This chemical tests for what is called an indole alkaloid ring. Substances like lsd, dmt, psilocybin, all have this indole ring so if you put a drop of this chemical.onto a tab and it does have lsd it will immediately turn purple. Anything else and it fails.
So this is typically the test people will do if it turns purple its good,

BUT here's the thing, other substances, melatonin for example contain an indole ring, melatonin can be bought as a sleeping pill at any store. Powderize it mix with water and spray it onto a sheet of paper. Boom instantly pass the erhlich test. So it can be fooled. So we do a second and even third test.

Second you want to get either the mecke regent or the mandelin reagent.

Both of these chemicals WILL NOT react to lsd. So if you were to drop it onto a tab with real lsd the liquid would stay clear, it may pick up some ink from the paper but it's easy to tell the differenc between paper dye and a chemical reaction.

Now both of these tests WILL react to anything else including all the random research chemicals people use on tabs nowadays. If it turns any color when it contacts the tab then it is not lsd and it's a no go.

Soooo in review, you have some tabs, take 1 tab and cut it in half, put a drop of erhlich test on it, and it turns purple yaay onto the next

Put a drop of the mecke test onto the other half and the liquid stays clear yaaay!

Now what you have there you can know isnt dangerous, isnt a research chem, and is either lsd-25, 1p-lsd, Ald-52, or another analogue of lsd, but what you know for certain is that it is safe to take and has a better likely hood of being the real deal vs 100 other tabs that didnt pass the tests.

Its alot but I have met so many people that tell me about how they take tabs every weekend from this one dude and then they try one of the tabs I get and they say "ooooh my god dude it was soooooo different those were the best tabs I've ever had !" I get this ALL the time, real lsd does things that no other substance can do, and every time you take it it can react differently to your mindset and situation, I've had trips where time would stand still then speed up, I've had trips where I could exit this reality and see the multiple levels of reality all around us, and I've had trips where I can physically see time passing from one moment to the next and I could file through it like a notebook. Theres ALOT more that goes on beyond these things tho.

But understand, real lsd is a huge gift someone with ALOT of knowledge chose to use it and risk everything to make it when they have the skills to lead a wealthy life without risk of prison.

Be safe out there and know what your takin!!
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