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Smoking on some Citrus Milf right now.
Ignore my lazy ass trim job. ?
Love that girl Evelynne. She's a keeper.
Came out pretty dang well in spite of what I put her through. ? Had some late flower issues with her.
Was a delicious lemon creme flavor even with a 2 day quick dry sample bud at chop.
It's getting much more cream taste to it as the cure goes on. About 3 weeks ago now since the jarring in 5 gals w/gamma lid.
Lemon is still there heavy, but smoother and not as sharp.
Like a lemon creme pie, with a bit of whipped cream smothered on top.
A great daytime smoke, especially if being creative or artistic.
Mmmmm, love that smooth exhale.

Adding this in lol. All high as heck and
Wow it's late as heck. I say again, a great daytime smoke. Lmfao.


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I have these for anyone who may be interested. They measure approx 4"x6".

View attachment 570

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Free, just shoot me a PM with a safe addy and let me know which style you want.
Hell yes, Stickers are my other habit. Been collecting them for over 30 years. Ive got thousands, shoe boxes and photo albums full. not to mention all the shit i cover with them.


3Thirteen Seeds
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Which way would you say she leans? GG4 PBB hybrid of both? Trich coverage says GG4 all day. Not sure about the Bud structure. Haven't ran either. What day is she,are they at?
The first 2 pics are of 2 different plants. Pics 2 and 3 are of the same plant.
Pic #1 is a PBB (OGKB) leaner for sure.
Pic #2 seems a hybrid with no distinct expressions to lean me to one parent over the other.
These are all pictured at day 44 from flip. I believe pic #1 may finish sooner than the rest.


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I got lucky with this pair of greases pieces...they are now on day 31. They stretched but still fit in the 62 inch tall tent no problem.

Feed is currently 900 TDS AN trio (35 20 40 Micro/Grow/Bloom) calmag was added to the solution first but just a bit (1ml per gallon).

Pretty easy going. One of them i stripped all side branching and the other one will have 6 colas. The light penetrates to a point so i kept it clean. They should be packing weight from here on in and i wont go gentle unless they tell me to.

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