4 in a 4x4 - OG Kush, 1 whorled and a woops....


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02/11/2021 --- 1 week from heads up

I have 4 babies started in my 4x4. I THOUGHT they were all OG Kush, but one plant is growing explosively (4th node coming in) while the others are just getting their second nodes.
Also - one of my OG Kush has the whorled phyllotaxy mutation - should be fun!

OG Kush (and 1 Blueberry Muffin?)
Currently in 1g fabric pots
FFOF / 25% chunky perlite
Tap Water

Final pots will be 5g fabric
FFOF / perlite
Probably feeding Dr Earth - but might change... lol

Planning to LST all plants across the pot longitudinally and spread branches laterally to form horizontal Christmas trees.

This post is mostly a place holder - updates will come faster as the grow progresses.
20210206_082236.jpg 20210206_082224.jpg
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