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Just made my first purchase from these guys and was actually really impressed. I made a huge mess of my bitcoin payment and they were super patient while I worked through it. Shipping was super fast and they included a bunch of really solid freebies... I bought one Solfire and one Exotic strain from the back stock sales and they sent an additional pack from each breeder plus a free 3 pack of Solfire fems!

Only drawback is the shipping is pretty steep compared to the banks I usually use... but the sales made it so it was still less than buying one pack of Exotic anywhere else soooo

Not a huge selection of breeders but some good choices and hard to beat Solfire and Exotic gear for $50/pack.
They almost always have older Exotic for 50% off... a lot of Solfire as well. Probably the best place to get either of those breeders if you don't need the latest hypebeast strains
I habe two packs from Solfire and a freebie, but they weren’t purchased through Area51. I have been eyeing Exotics Orangutan Titties, especially with this price break! The name just makes me want it! Lol
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