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Atonic 13 = Apollo 13 × Atonic CBD
Chopped tonite. Day 67
Hung her in the shower for a good rinse off.
Unsupported and pretrimmed up.
Top cola shot.
An orangey funk to her.
Liking it alot.
I can still smell it on my hands n such. Lol


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Any info on these I was gonna pop some maybe View attachment 61870
I'm growing his Ma Gooey x Long Bottom Fighter right now and they are some great, stout plants, heavy Indica learners. Sunshine 4 is a Michigan Cannabis Cup winner and should be fire. Cake Fighter is Dragboat's cross of Wedding Cake x Longbottom Fighter (LBF is kind of his flagship strain). They should all be fire in fact!


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I have quite a few packs of these...and some of them are very interesting

Currently Med Dragon is up and running (3 Headed Dragon X Atonic CBD)

I have a pack of Stardawg J X Apollo 13/14. I love that apollo. Anyone know what the cut is that was used for Stardawg?

And some of the motorbreath may get a soak down the road but after the stardawg apollos run i have a feeling it will be another atonic :D
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