Black friday deals.


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JBC Seeds has a bunch of deals:

DCSE has some sales too, here's @Amos Otis post in case anyone missed it:


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I can do ya better. I've got opened packs of Double Sundae, Apple Sundae, Sweetbread, and Nila Wafer....maybe another. Not sure how many, but at least a couple of each and probably more than that. I can get you a count if you want them. On me, amigo.
How did you like the sundae flavs? First time running one of em & I picked sundae struedel. I'm in veg so all I can say so far is they stink good lol.

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Oh hell yeah now I can drop that money on briscos ? tysm ! I have sweetbread and apple sundae ?

Just looked. I have 6 Double Sundae. I used a couple. Grew one out, and used the other to make Vera Gemini. Looks like I must have already traded the Nila Wafer, but happy to send you the DS.

I would be down to check out the Sweetbread and Apple Sundae from @Amos Otis, if you do not need them. Definitely not trying to step on any toes or force anyone to send me anything at all though. Truly no worries either way. Positive vibes...


Hang with me here: I made that offer to Frimpong because we just did a sweet and mutually beneficial solid. [ My mistake; I should have sent a PM].

But I have 5 apple sundae and 2 sweetbread. Here's how you can get them:

1. Order a pack of Brisco's regs which come w/ a 6 pack of Freak Genetics. Order on Black Friday, and your cost will be only $27.30. PM me a pic when you receive them, and I'll send them


2. Order a pack of @HydroRed 's 3Thirteen seeds from DCSE. Send me the pic, and I'll send them.


3. Order any pack of any brand from DCSE, and send me a pic.


4. If you're low on funds, make no purchase, and I'll send them. Happy Thanksgiving.

Let me know. I'll hold onto them for you, amigo.


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There's no code, just have to order direct from Radogear - Cannarado Genetics

I was gonna snag a pack but it looks like it's cash/money order only and that's too much hassle for me right now

Speaking of... really need GLG to expand their payment options haha... they have all the Bohdi I want
Yeah id love too grab some of those. But too much hassle dealing with these types of banks.


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