Bloom yellow bottle


In Bloom
I like the concentration, make me feel dr like measuring ml out of baby syringe, lmfao. Having said that, notice a quick difference on the sea minerals, which is like a fix it for prob product, more or less, and the organic swtnr and ooze are immediate. Think Im gonna do the megacrop routine through veg, then do the three week bloom blaster, then finish out with the bloom yellow bottles and see what happens. Of course my outdoor is getting the straight megacrop, bloom booster, my homade sweet, and i'll prolly hit them once or twice, then finish out with water, gonna take em as long as I can. Will splurge with the yellow bottles at the end prolly if get lots of rain. I have the seafuel, sea minerals, orgn swtnr, ooze, fnshr. Thing it was 26 or so for shipping and having to buy one or two, but I shit you not, way concentrated, even the 300 ml bottles last a long time if you adding .5 ml per gallon, lol. All I got for now
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