Budget led: Michigan made led’s

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They won’t label themselves QB’s and pirate themselves to battle with hlg, even thou they don’t own Samsung. I say whoever buys chips boohoo

cool thing about this company is you can turn off uva and deep red by turning the switch on them on the board “ infinity board “

they are cheaper than hlg and one of their models their designs are even cooler than hlg where you can even map the lights on a swing so if you need dominate light in certain area’s

preety cool. All the ab‘s on a moving rail from forward to front and the spectrum shows ( at least in the video)

what would be similar to hlg 550

upcoming board and chip and design ( demon aka 650)

I like seeing more competitions than just one on hlg for that QB , and not just China . just wanted to put everyone’s perspective and when I talked to them on email and phone. A+ ( some companies suck )
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