Canadian Growers Thread - Canucks Represent!


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Sudbury Saturday Night.
The girls are out to bingo
and the boys are getting stinko 🎵

Great tune and a great look at blue collar Canada.

Tillsonberg is another favorite, and of course, as a former YEG resident and Side Track Cafe regular I have to love the Lady kd lang. (she started out at the 'Track way back in her cow-punk days.)

Pretty sure there's a few Stompin' Tom videos in this thread. :)


Never thought to add music in here lol.

That one is a Quebecois folk song gone Psychobilly.

And coming in from the Western portion of Canada

I mean it's not like I think about Bryan Adam's when I think about Canadian music....or Celine Dion... I've been to her hometown though.
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Do you like really funky strains? I feel like there's a weed for all dressed chips and pizza opportunity here I'm missing out on.... lol. I won't ask that you break the law, and send me the Cheese Curds I love... but damn I miss that Pizza!


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More into berry and fruit stuff. C99 and blueberry are two of my favorites.

The only really funky aroma that interests me at all is garlic, though I haven't actually had any. I'm just a garlic fan in general so would like to see how it expresses in weed..
Growing the garlic icing from fresh coast..I'm certain it's the least stealthy plant I've ever grown...It's really fucking my pic taking up because I have to be lightning fast watering that tent cause I don't want the county knowing my business....yes they are that bad...Or good...couple phenos are a touch sweeter but still dirty funk...One super frosty female is crazy WEED Skunky cheesy raw garlic onion...A real house wrecker...It's honestly so bad/good I'm ordering another pack and still have half pack left..Serious potential in those.... especially for the super funk lovers


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It's honestly so bad/good I'm ordering another pack and still have half pack left
It's tempting, but nope.
I was able to kick the seed buying/hoarding habit. Until I have grown everything I currently possess at least once, buying more seeds just isn't justified for me(except maybe IBLs, my kryptonite ).

Just went and did a quick look and while my collection is tiny compared to most, I have over 30 strains I haven't yet grown, including at least 5 of my own chucks. There's lots of stuff that's only had one run that deserves a closer look. There's IBL's that need preserving.

When that's been done, I can think about buying more.
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