cannabis oil cocktails multiple strain

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I'm new to pot peer sitez

i dabble in cannabis oil /s

i believe in multiple strain cocktails

and i mean 6, 8, 18+

targeting symptoms

need night n day versions

y would we not include every cannabinoid &, or terp... in every drop

no need for night n day versions

don't have to be high, but day 1... if u don't enjoy being so

there's no pain i cannot touch


oral pain

topicals made, with 1500mg per liter at this level, last my arthritis peeps, 2 days vs that clinic snake oil

anything i have learned, i am happy to share

i work in decigrams

rick Simpson's pound for 3mo diet

lasts me 33-66yrs and the cost diff


1 x 6ish decigram capsule=24-60 hrs.

call me crazy

for 16.5 cents per day vs the Simpson and opioid $60...

baffles me

and it's on mr Simpson's altruistic coattails, i took off on.

thank you,

mr and mme Simpson
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