In Bloom
I'm running 4 fems of the Altar Bread now, but they're not all looking the prettiest atm. Lol.
Anyone else running/have ran some of those?
Have one big beauty gal, got her on overdrive to go outside this week, big ole fanners. Not sure what to expect from Trinity side, but doniawon swears by it and I even seen jj I think it was top dawg asking for a cut on IG of that Trinity. She's on the right, muddog from csi on left


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Dropped 3 of these last night.
Anyone ran these before?
Was digging through the vault, and they called to me. ? Lemony love I want thee. ???
Reading up on them they sounded delicious, so might as well try em.
There was an apple cross I thought about too, could be very tasty imho.
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