Cannaventure Pheno Difference


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So, since this is the PH site, I thought I would share a most recent example. The strain is Arcata/Ghost.

I have one very Train wreck leaner. And one Ghost OG leaner. Both these ended up in the same pot after I gave up on one seed. Both had the same nutrients, but damn, what a difference.


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That is wild.
Cannaventure Affie was three carbon copies. I could not spot a speck of difference.

,,, yours both look deadly btw.
Gotta be happy with that.
Twice 😄
I had the same experience with the Affie. Plants look like they are stamped out of a mold.

The pure Ghost OG was very similar for the pack I went through. Really good smoke too. I'd like to have another pack of those. Had one tested at a local dispensary and it rung up 29% THCA. Stuff would change you plans for the day.


LVTKOG , not the frostiest but was a great tasting smoke. It was an easy grow for an "og" cross. Great structure and yields with a strong lemon/pine scent and flavor. 50/50 hybrid affects, went 75ish in coco under qb's


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