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what can I say I want some feminized seeds from my well ran keeper pheno’s and have a plant orgy . Sounds so fun <3

I have a few questions, any suggestions or tips & opinions anyone has on this product for feminizing or anything related. im all ears and I’m sure a lot of people wanna talk and intake that kind of info.

i see in some faq that the costumer answers of the product in listing they said don’t ever consume a plant that u apply colloidal silver ? would you guys see that as true or you can consume the plant that has been sprayed with that before flower.

any product links or brand suggestions vs one im linking below?

I looked at many brands and what the ingredients and reviews were, does this brand look legit? Also what dosage per liter/gal would you guys apply and how often per day and would u do 2 or 3 weeks before flower. If you know of better brand to use I’m all ears

Amazon product

nooby question ( don’t laugh ) since I have never done/made seeds, can you just apply it (c silver ) if it is consumable to just one branch of every keeper and multiple pheno’s or is it suggested you only self pollen that one, I’m assuming you can add pollen from the forced hermie onto all And even apply the pollen on just one branch ? Saw many people using reg pollen that way.

if thread in “wrong section” please move it cause I couldn’t figure out a spot for it?


Tha Dank Hoarder
to start this thread with some tutorials/guides , the top videos I could find for feminized seeds focused on using this Method, starter of info but since I have no experience not confirming they are correct intill some more experienced people in that do confirm or more info given. hate when people give info or guides and act like it’s cemented info and they haven’t tried it yet .



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I made my own CS with 99.9% silver and a phone charger. I sprayed about 1 week before flip and would apply 2 times a day. It takes anywhere from a few weeks to see signs of reversal if not more depending on how receptive the strain is. I wouldnt smoke/ingest/ any plant sprayed with CS. When it comes to reversals and ease of use/etc I'd recommend using STS simply because it does exactly what CS does but in far fewer applications.
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