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Hey everyone ?
Was just sitting her wondering what everyone's go-to quarantine strains? I personally have had some time to really get to know some of these strains as I smoke more now that ever lol. Also I am still wearing socks and sandals everwhere I go smh. Anyways what has been you're go-to strain for being stuck at home for months ???
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My top three...

@HydroRed Monkey Juice. It's just so relaxing and as I've mentioned before, great for soreness, which I have a lot of.

@thenotsoesoteric Dynoberry Bites. This is a flavor thing first and foremost. It's somehow totally unique but also familiar...sweet berry cereal. Love it.

Useful's Chem D x Chocolate Diesel. This is a special cross, far and away my favorite thing from Useful. If the plant reveges well she may end up staying with me for a very long time.

Unfortunately with my consumption all of these are running low at the moment. Luckily I have a heavy supply of @Amos Otis Copper Candy, Eso's Welchie and Big N Tasty and Usefuls Chem D x Banana OG ready to fill the void, amongst a myriad of smaller hauls
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Variety is the key for me, but lately I am really liking my Pineapple C99 x Blueberry cross. The taste is beautiful and the effect is best described as "happy". Up and energetic, but not racey. Good for housework and general fucking around, but doesn't make me feel cabin-fever.


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Green bowl CBG (have 6 pheno’s) desert snow ” when the company lab tested theirs = 23% cbg” I can tell from my cbd and cbg since I pampered my plants and let them mature = there’s some thc. But that’s okay with me ;)

Clear bowl is misc strain of thc strains , switch it everyday

Red bowl: for my cherry wine F2 (5+ pheno’s to test and play with )

all sampled in a bong (every bowls worth, change the water, can’t beleive so many people will be lazy about that )



Purple Primate from @ Hydrored, delicious and nice potency along with Triangle Brewster from @Schwaggy P not much smell but sweet taste and nice couch lock high. I have a Flaming Cherries still drying from @Twenty20 Adam that I keep grabbing lowers from to smoke. Smells like Deep grape jelly, tastes as good and bakes me. Can't seem to let it dry forget about curing. Frosty Purple buds.
My main go to strains are Air Trigger (Red Headed Stranger x CnC) and Cindy Haze Cream (C99haze x CnC) both by @SSGrower tastiest smoke Heavenly Hashplant (Bubba Katsu x 88g13HP) by Bodhi, it’s soo delicious Strawberry milk, bubblegum, and a hashy cologne finish. It’s supposed to be my day ending smoke but isn’t as much of a KO punch as I thought it’d be.
I've been going way hard on my G-funk and purple Betty jars, also rotating tropical dunder, francos lemon cheese, and dysfunction junction from csi Humboldt grown the latter 2 grown outdoors, the outdoor is my late day smoke
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