Covid Bong & Disc perc heady bong - 420 Deals


In Bloom
Picked these up on 420 on a 50% off AND BOGO!
I wanted something like a heady bong for a long time - this one fit the bill for me. The perc is a bit too fiddly IMHO; the water has to sit EXACTLY on the bottom of the disc or too much / little water gets on top of it to bubble. Fun swirling effect on the water as the perc drains. I dig it.

The Covid Bong - I didn't know the deal was a BOGO, so I went back to the cabinet and this one made me laugh, but looked like a good bong.
Turns out it's an amazing bong! Very smooth hitting, clears easily - and the perc makes me laugh. :stoned:
The little pipe in the Covid shots goes for $5 at my local dispo - either clean A LOT, or accept that it's a $5 pipe and get another when it clogs after 2 months. 20210426_111721_resized.jpg 20210426_111818_resized.jpg
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