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This is one of my favorite threads @MacGydro. I noticed you haven't been on in a while. Hope your doing well and just busy on adventures.

Same bro :)

He may be thawing out a bit; We've had early Spring like Weather for a while but I woke up to 17 degrees today LOL.

What's up fellas! Thanks for stopping by!
Yeah, it's been a pretty quiet few months, both for the adventures and the garden...But, things seem to be on the upswing again for both now ? (y)

Although it's been a mild winter overall, most folks (besides my dumb ass) aren't looking to spend a lot of time outside, other than shuffling from one bar to another.
I still got out for a nightly walk more than not, but I can't say I blame them. When the streets are cold and dead, my walks are shorter than my chilly willy!

Ah, but now, another season is upon us!
Spring has been inching her skirt up slowly, but surely. She flashed her hot bits a couple weeks ago, and got everyone around here in a tizzy. Of course, everyone's pissed now that temps are back to "normal".

The time is coming though. Temps are heading in the right direction, and there's more and more people out and about every day!

Just the other night, I was out walking, wondering to myself how this year's adventures could be, and what kind of interesting folks I might meet.
I don't even remember exactly what I was thinking to myself, because as I was thinking, I was stopped in my tracks, with a random spontaneous introduction.

A group of ladies on a night out were walking past me, when one of them stops, steps to her side, in my way, and says "Hi, I'm Tamara. What's your name?"...
Now, you might be hoping that lead to some wild impromptu adventure, but, no. I was too surprised by the synchronicity of my thoughts, and the introduction, to say anything but my name, and "Nice to meet you", before they continued to their destination.

Nope, no wild adventures there...Just me kicking myself in the ass for the next few minutes with "things I could've said" to extend the meeting.
Ah, well, maybe next time...

I do somehow, seem to attract and meet interesting people on a pretty regular basis, which is why I love these little solo adventures. I think it's sometimes easier to meet new people if you're alone, rather than with others. If you've got company, your attention is probably on them. But, if you're alone, you never know who you'll meet, and what stories you'll hear.

Ohh the stories....and the people! Today's world and people are just fucking intriguing...and I love it- Even if mainly for entertainment purposes!
It's like walking through the next version of Grand Theft Auto, and all the people are NPCs- just fuckin randomized AI bots, smart enough to almost sound like they know what they're talking about, then say something to make you say WTF?!?!
You walk down the street, and you have no idea if the people you're looking at are male, female, gay, straight, a tech billionaire, or homeless. Any one of em could just as easily be any of the above. It certainly ain't boring lol

So, even though the "Mac'n Season" is early yet, I've had a couple chuckles already, besides the random intro above, I thought I'd share...

One night, I was chillin at the main intersection in town, just killin a doob, and watching the crowds, as I tend to do.
Guy pulls up in a Mustang, red as the light he's stopped at. Hair as black as his heart, and as long as his appetite for teenage boys.
The top's down, and tunes are up, Metallica blaring, putting those tweeters and mids to the test...
I'm pretty sure he was after the Frog Brothers... :ROFLMAO::stoned:

Corey Feldman Wants Original Frog Brothers to Return in The CW's Lost ...
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If you ever have a handkerchief on you, ask her "does this smell like chloroform to you?" Lol. If she laughs that's when you keep talking. Weeds out the ones that can't take a joke.

Most of our walks are in the woods though. I like the critter and mushrooms too people ratio out there.

Gotta ask to see if I'm the only one; that week of 80s and 90s, we're you using the AC too, while thinking "how do these people live in this all the time??" Lol.
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