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Cannabinoid Receptor
Lets talk about these little short path stills.
Im interested in makimg some concentrates.
I brew beer and have a big still 5g kettle with reglux so i can make my own alc.
Are the cheep chinese ones in e bay ok?
I have a vuccume pump already. What temp does the cold trap have to be?

I have 4 differant distillation setups. And a bunch more apperatus'.
A couple are fleabay purchases.
There is a tincture thread here that covers alot of this operation.
There many ways of doing the same thing.
I make tincture regularly and mostly use a 2000ml rig with mantle, 3 way thermometer adapter, a 200mm condensor, 105* vacum adapter and a recieving vessel.
I also use a small Harbor Freight pond pump in the sink with ice and water to cool column.
If ya dont have a stirrer mantle you'll need to use boiling chips to prevent bumping, which is a big mess.
Alcohol boils at 79*C and will begin to pull over at about 74* C.
For my uses i decarb before soaking.
I have a short path apperatus but havent had enough "goo" at a time to run it yet.
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