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I'm looking at 6 of these:
They say that they're rated to 120w - so the "plan" is to drive them at about 100W ea. (barring any expert advice saying "that's gonna catch fire")
Amazon product
Driver-wise - I'm thinking of:
Running 2 ea. on a pair of Meanwell 320H-42 or 48 ------- (advice here please!)
Running 3 ea on a trio of Meanwell 240H-42 or 48 ------ (yep - lost again...) :stoned:

Thanks in advance! :)

EDIT - addt'l details
Dimension: 286mmx174mm

1.6mm High Thickness Aluminum PCB

1Oz (35um) Copper Layer

High Quality White OSP paint


SMD 2835 LEDs(3000K and 5000K), mixed 660nm Red LEDs (36pcs) CRI : >80

Circuit Design: 16S18P ( 16 Series, 18 Parallels)

Input Voltage: DC 40-48V

Input Current: 900~2700mA

Rated Power: 120W

Screw Type for Mounting: M4*10 (Screw is not included)

PPF: 2.76umol/S
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I'd go 3 x 240 drivers, each with a pair of boards. Basically, your typical 240W 2x288 board configuration.

That's more wattage than you want to run, but that means better efficiency, and the option to run a little cooler if heat is an issue. Driving boards at 100% is a fair bit less efficient than running them at 75% to achieve the same intensity.

I have 1800W of QB power in my 6x6, but I only need to run it about 75% and I'm a little ways over 41W/ftยฒ, but also totally easy to manage heat.

Also, I'd check into whether those board pairs may need a heatsink.....not too sure I'd have to do some research. I know some boards don't need 'em


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Two 6X frames on the way!
Growdaddy was beyond cool to work with - even dealt with a bong-fueled series of emails where I forgot to answer his spectrum question. :stoned:
Can wait to get it powered up!


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Just asked about this on your journal but I found it! Lol cheers man.

Might have to snag one of these bad boys.

Blown away so far.

GrowDaddy was great to work with - Peter patiently answered waaaay too many questions from me, and was a wealth of knowledge; shipping (in the lower 48) was fast & easy.

Each panel has (4) 2,700K bars and (2) 6,500K bars on XLG-240-H-AB drivers. - Embarrassing to say, but I'd have to ask the exact wattage - I'd guess 240w (6 boards @ 40w ea.), but I'm not above being wrong! :stoned:
Light coverage is MUCH more even - although I'm still using 4 red-leaning burples to add watts / red & IR spectrum. (to be phased out as upgrades allow)
I intentionally left a lot of space between the bars; upgrades are already being researched for Red, FR, IR & UV. The burples will be phased out as I fill in these gaps
Also a veg tent, which will be leaning a bit more blue.

GrowDaddy definitely got a loyal customer!
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