Meanwell HLG-240H-12A How many QB120s does it take to light a meanwell?


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AC-DC Single output LED driver Mix mode (CV+CC) with built-in PFC; Output 12Vdc at 16A; IP65; Cable output; Dimming with Potentiometer

SO i got this meanwell a while back to wire up some cobs...i couldnt figure it out...found another driver and made that work.

Can this meanwell run QB120s? How many?

Or even many citi cobs can it run...

I bought 2 QB120s for it (I just got an HLG120 on order but...WTF do i do with this driver)


  • 120pcs Samsung LM301H
  • Molex Connectors rated 300V 9A
  • Estimated LER 321.60 lm/W
  • Estimated QER 4.86 µmol/J
  • Dimensions 280mm x 240mm
  • Max current per board 2800mA
Product Name125W Fusion Board
Spectrum660nm, UV, IR LEDs
Substrate MaterialAluminum PCB
Smallest aperture0.003"
Surface treatmentHASL
ModlePCB Board
LED QTY& Type248pcs SAMSUNG LM301h +32pcs Epistar 660nm+4pcs UV+4pcs IR
Power 125W
Lumens200 Lm/W (25,000 lm)


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I am really glad i ordered the right meanwell...i am just out this driver.

It makes sense why i couldnt get it to work...series...parallell....solid core braided core...wagus and wire nuts.

Man can i wire a board ! All that practice was good for me..

download (4).jpg
Oh it pains me....let me tell ya

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I had a random idea you could use the driver for. Rapid LED sells these single violet (410-420nm) LEDs that run at 3-4 volts each. A string of three or four of them in series could be run on the driver, though it's got way more power than you would need.

Anyways, with enough of those near-uv diodes, you could achieve an almost 20% increase in cannabinoid and terpene content, at least according to some tests a few members of a different forum did. I think it would be worth looking into if you have everything else dialed in.

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Anything for a car, boat, lawnmower and etc ..lights you could run..
So you could look around and fine some LEDs that you could use...

I'll look around 1 night when I'm up for you also....


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its me...i just have this driver...i actually ordered the 48V and this was in the box.

Im only out the cost of the driver... Its kind of weird i will go back and see what the invoice said to send a letter to the place i ordered it from...because they sell 48V not 12 so how did i get
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