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I think they eat into the eleventh hour. In soil, it is easy to see them “stop taking water”. In coco, this could be observed in high Ppm run-off .
Not certain about that product in particular , however; some flushing products simply knock the ph so far out of whack that the plant cannot relate to the soil. It somewhat arrests uptake. As there is little nutritional ballast within coco by nature, simply watering at the end would have similar effect.
I find my plants are growing and putting on weight right through into the harvest window. I don’t want to rob myself, and continue to feed until the plants tell me they are done.
Afterwards, my high Ph tap water will knock them dead in a week.

For myself, advertised finishing times are simply that. The number gets you to buy the seed. Tons of white hair and barely a cloud to the heads does not mean harvest time to me ,,,and it says 8 weeks ?
Nah, I peak in week 7, top out at 12-1400 Ppm. Only N from the Clamag after that.

If that product is a dead stop, when utilizing in coco , 4-5 days should do it.
I know some people are backing off softer and sooner. However , I see my buds increasing in size dramatically, long after heads are cloudy(50-55 days). Those warty grampa buds don’t seem to shrink up like those early pulls.

Science time! Do you have a couple to play with? Can you start one before the others? Or delay one, and flush it later than others. ?

Common sense would dictate disregarding Jewels and reading the bottle instructions. The answer lies somewhere in between,

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I been running coco for years and just flush with water the last 4-5 days as Jewels stated. You will still have delicious tasting bud and the plants stay happy. For drying I would cut as many big fan leaves and easy to access leaves. Then chop and hang on hangers trying not to let buds touch too much with a fan on low on them. Temp and humidity is best around 60/60 but just close to that is fine. After 5-7 days they should be dry enough to take down and give another good or final trim. Jar it up and open and check on the texture for the next week or so until they are staying at the consistency you prefer. Hope this helps! Good luck, that 1 plant in a 5x5 looks bad ass!


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, hello so I have a few weeks of flower left approximately. Im growing in a 5 gal container of coco. I have flawless finish to use for the flush. Then I will need to dry and cure. Whats the current consensus on how to do this
I flush with flawless finish, but I honestly dont notice a difference between that and water... I feed the recommended dose from AN about 10 days out from my target harvest date... I like to water just H20 one last time before placing into dark for a couple days... At that point I will strip big fans, and hang single colas... I just started using one of those hanging screen racks, and it is making life so much easier... As far as curing goes... not much makes it around here that long, but when it does, I usually dry for 10-14 days, then into jars... I am not really a fan of boveda humidity packs unless I overdry and I need to rehydrate...I find that it is pretty hard to pull every bit of moisture out in my climate.

Just my two cents... hope this helps...
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