Esos seeds

Gonna throw the 10 vegged out twinkle tarts #1 cuts into flower next week as soon as the 4x8 arrives. Along with those will be a couple artisanal gelato seedlings my bro started and a couple other seedlings he started i think one is tiki's 41 x runtz or something and Tropicana banana by oni. Ill double check those when we transplant them.

Then I'm gonna collect pollen from a stout ass dosimints male for the future or if the twinkle tarts #1 pollen is nonviable.

Got a clone of magnum #1, bodega bubblegum (purple cut), tarts #1, lvtk and platinum cookies ready for tarts pollen. Ill throw those into flower with the tarts and seedlings.

The stank bubble #1 (fruit loops smelling one), big n tasty #2 (orange cut), artisanal gelato clone and magnum #2 are a bit behind since they had to reveg bit hopefully I can hit them with the tarts pollen soon too.

Or perhaps hit those with the dosimint along with a lvtk, tarts, bodega and platinum cookies. We shall see what the future holds.


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I'm still regretting not popping the dinoberry bites I've seen some amazing phenos
No Regurts man pop a bean !

I went ESO CRAZY to get some fems in the garden. I think we got a bunch of keepers too. Pics might get tasty and everything !

Reverso Welchie
Super Lemon Crush
Dinoberry Bites
Albino Boogieman
Black Grapes DumDum
Bazooka Blast
And Magnum PI.

All up and running now. I couldnt make up my mind and that trend will continue on next seed pop because there are 4 or 5 i havent even tried.

I can hardly wait. I am kind of pissed off i have a dark blue quart jar of twinkle tart and i cant find it ANYWHERE. But its here someplace.

So I had to grow WAY more berries and grapes and lemons.

Esos gear brings the fruity doobage im craving.

I was pondering something this morning....In the word the S or the C silent ?????

I might have to talk to the bong and puzzle it out.


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So the seedlings my bro started are gushers x sunset sherbert bx by tikiman, Tropicana banana by oni and a couple artisanal gelato.

Plus my vegas sunset, artisanal gelato bnt #2 and stank bubble #1 cuts are starting to throw normal growth which is sweet. Ill get pics up sooner or later been busy. Cheers

Super interested in that Tiki gear... I need to get something of his soon. I can't tell if he's actually spitting fire or just an all time great salesperson... dude gets $1k-$10k for his collecter boxes and limited releases, but I've seen like 2 people ever actually grow his stuff haha

Either his target audience just isn't on the forums, or people are giving him thousands of dollars because his logo is badass
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