Esos Seeds Purchase



I happened upon this thread on the 17th. I read through the entire thread and looked at the pretty pictures. I decided that I wanted to pick up some souvenirs just to remember the warm and fuzzy feelings that thread had given me. @thenotsoesoteric's website had a really nice UI and it was easy to make my purchase. I sent payment on the 19th and I am fairly sure that the tracking said that my payment would arrive Wednesday of the following week. When I let @thenotsoesoteric know, they said that they would send my order Monday (before my payment was even scheduled to arrive). My order was shipped on Monday (the 22nd) and yesterday (the 26th) I received word from my friend that I had a package.

Now for the crazy part, I ordered two packs of seeds and was supposed to receive 3 packs as freebies. I thought that was awesome in the first place, but when I opened my package, there were 6 packs of seeds. I paid for 2 packs and received 4 freebie packs. Fucking. Insanity.

Special thanks to @Evergreen, @OldG and @Gweedo's Growroom for sharing your experiences and making my decision ridiculously fucking easy. I scream cried into my pillow about missing out on Black Grapes Dumdum, but in time, my wounds will heal.

Much appreciated @thenotsoesoteric! I will be feeding all 6 cultivars to my fish today. The lil fucker is going to love them. Positive vibes...

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