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That was a bit of BS,,,it was not just the Blood male, also the F2 male.
F2 x Crockett, means no blood.
Male - F2 Sour Tangie x
Female - Crockett Sour Tangie.

Both Papa's passed freckles, both absent in P1 pairing.
Did I phrase that correctly?
I grew a Blood orange x sour Tangie and it did not have freckles.
I also grew a F2 sour Tangie. Did not show freckles. In both cases the offspring of those males now have freckles
Could have called it bloodnut! all gingers have freckles don't they?😄


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Just got caught up. @Jewels there is something about your posts that is just so...artistic and poetic. You have a linguistic and photogenic-photo gift. We are blessed to have you in the pH fam. I always love reading your posts, and discovering the Easter eggs that you leave, whether or not anyone can decipher them 😂. It reminds me of when the kids in the Goonies figured out that sheet of music to pass on that bone piano. Or when Indiana Jones figures out the cryptic messages to proceed in his quests, like when he realized that in Hebrew, Jehovah is spelled with an "I" instead of "J."

Congrats to you and your wife. I am very happy for you. It is obvious you love your kids, taking them out to see the real world, in all its glory. Kids today are absolutely missing out, staring and drooling at their screens and phones. I salute you for instilling the tangible experiences in life with yours.

Remember when we first met (online)? Was over a year ago, yet it seems like a decade ago, I feel like we've known each other for much longer. Old souls?


New additions

ZINGER (BOG’S Sour Strawberry x Space Queen) •
View attachment 33566

Scarlet Queen 2x

Hybrid (G-13 X Romulan X Romulan X C99)
View attachment 33567
Oregon CBD 2x
LineageWatermelon Zkittlez x ACDC
View attachment 33568
Got lil verigation from Papa Blood Orange.
Frutero x Blood 1x
View attachment 33571View attachment 33572
Blood x F2 Sour Tangie 1x
View attachment 33573View attachment 33574View attachment 33575
Outright charmed.
Did not see this in any of the P1's. Looks like a cancer at the mo. Willl grow out of it. Freckles rock!!

I love this stuff.
Fun additions, any plans to rub them up against anything?


Tilts at Tables
Holy shit how did I miss this
Just keep pretending it didn't happen.
Refugee Roco
More toys.
More Bunnies.
Perhaps a real life treehouse?

I guess the parties just getting started.
For real.
I will show off the playhouse sometime. GM Blue. Foolishly inclined slide. She is a beaut.

I haven't had any boys with this Gal. Never thought about that.


Tilts at Tables
still having issues
Trying to live with it. Desktop looks the same.
I am getting a " multi attachment " option I have never seen before.
Still have no ' preview ' button. Kinda cramps my game.

whether or not anyone can decipher them 😂
My favorite was when someone said,
" Jewels is a dude ?"
Androgyny Accomplished !!!
I like to hit from every angle. I have no bias or affiliations. I really dont subscribe. Gay or straight, or whatever. I dont understand it. I have never had the urge to put my hand down some dudes panys , but , hey, people do all kinds of weird shit that I dont understand. Who I am to chose what to judge?
I dig an underdog and try to make my own decisions.
With ADHD, one doesn't struggle to find an answer, they have 10.
I tend to choose the more obscure; while letting the predicted outcome define the answer. Most questions answer themselves, and without the burden of convention: I just know lots of silly ways to get there.

. I salute you for instilling the tangible experiences in life with yours.
When raising boys , I focused on ethics and self conduct.
When raising girls my only job as a parent is to saturate them with self confidence. At some point they are going to meet some shit-head version of the 18 year old me,,, they need to tools and skills to keep the upper hand.

Lots more adventures to come.
jaguarlax said:
I guess the parties just getting started


Tilts at Tables
plans to rub them up against anything?
Until I break the skin. :oops:
First I I'm going to hit. up Respect and
Jack, on Frutero 4 different ways.
Next up comes Chem fest.
Diesel gum meets Space Queen.
I would like to see UncsZooka and Jack the Ripper to meet that one.

Scarlet Queen,
I would like to backdoor this with more indica. Chung for body and more Rom or G13.
I have my eye on one or three more strains. Subcool Adjacent.

The Oregon CBD, I am not sure what to do with it. Standing alone it produces 15 to 30% CBD. I do not know how to evaluate a cross, and I'm not sure I could judge the result.

Armed with clones and pollen, breeding will soon be closed loop.
You don't hear this much,,,

"I do not want what I haven't got"



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Yes yes. Thanks, @HydroRed.

I think I am finding my groove.
Smoked nameless weed for more than 20 years. Just starting to discover, where to find the taste and effects I enjoy, and where they hide.

For example, the wife was buying Sour Tangie from dispensary for a year or two. I started growing and have tried about 7 or 8 combinations of it now. Realizing over time,,,,it was the "Sour" she was digging; whereas I had been searching through 'Tangie'

The wife doesn't ever smoke my harvests, because, " it fucks me up "
I did get her to try that CBD heavy, Philo "Guava Berry Kush" ( Guayita) I was shocked when she appproved.
" Tastes like SourTangie" she says.

Had to think about it.
Guayita is Juanita( 50% Sour Diesel) crossed with Stardog.
That is when the light came on, for me.

LA Dog
I did manage to sprout some of my "DeadCheerleader"
((Grapefruit Diesel x (Blood Orange x SourTangie))
Looking to drive out the orange and, and bring in more funk.
A Super-Sour Tangie, if you will.

Same motivator on The LA Confidential.
Looking for a cross, peppering around M.Shariff.

Affie- no sugar
Chung Peyote- size
Rev. Chung- intrigue
Watermelon IceCream- taste, yield
Dosi-si-dos Cake- potency
LA Dog?
I did make the "SourTaffy", on a whim, as I had no indica to hit it with. Looking to stay +85% Indica, on the Confidential offering.

That is the plan , anyhow. Need to stay focused on creating 'go to strains' for my wife; break her of the delivered weed habit.

With that covered, I am free to explore my own game. Quite partial to this Subcool gear.

My first ever harvest was 'smurfzillla x Sour Larry'
Plushberry based. I am going directly back there.
Jack the Ripper caught my eye in Frutero.
Sub often tapped the Canuck stuff, eh?
Space Queen, Killer Queen, Romulan, all Northern gifts.
I plan on farting around with that goodness for a while.

That is the long and short of it.

Any one reading closely enough between the lines may observe that I have redundantly approached my favourite Mama~Juanita la Lagrimosa.
She is a complicated one.
As are I.


Tilts at Tables
House Keeping!!
Last pair of UnkaZöoka
Buckeye finally flashed some muff. ♀️
Good trunkage.
Those are last to flip.
Gave everyone a good feed and now all they do is blow up, and complain for more. 20201018_152848.jpg

Ripper Crew to follow.
Ripper's Gold
My first pops are , so far, wide-leafed.

Nice, fat, BluBlooded Romulan.
More wide stuff
DeadCheerleader, left
Bloody RomulanGrapefruit , centre
Compare to stray LA Dog, right.

She looks bloated and hung,,, she drank from the 'big girl' jug.
Seems like skinny brings the orange, wide brings funk'n fuel.
With all this phatness in my crosses-
we shall certainly see.


Tilts at Tables
Lamota Fem

Ghost Town
, regs

Forgot to put a Twinkle Tart down.
A fool, some would say.
I am Bucking 65, no more popping until Dec
Odd-looker, this one.
Not sure what I am seeing.
LA Dog

Holding their own.
2x Scarlet Queen
CannaaGeneticsBank, 2x Watermelon CBD

Forgot about this puke.
20201018_151942.jpgMy second lowest on the bean count. Ooopsy- dry killed off the other two sprouts, right out of the block. Crappers.
Outliers anyhow, was only sport to reap some Sour Tangie seed.

Playsport becomes Bloodsport, come newyear. Many Indica will play, some will win, others may lose, yet all shall die.
JewelsClaude VanHot Damn
No more pops, till the good Reverend drops
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