Fossil Fuel

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Strain Name: Fossil Fuel
Genetics: Rattlesnake Diesel x Granny Skunk
Sex: Regular
Type: Sativa

Yield: High
Flowering Time
: 65-75 days
Height: Medium, x2-x2.5 stretch
Feeding: Moderate feeding
Training: Easily tops and throws many side branches that may need support later in flower. Can yield as well is not better than any “Big Bud” type plants so if bud mold is a concern, be vigilant and take precaution.

Rattlesnake Diesel leaners: Taller, more narrow colas, sour/electric lime/fuel, longer flowering, euphoric effects
Granny Skunk leaners: Medium height, huge chunky colas, green apple/eucalyptus, tighter calyx groupings
Effect: She has a strong head rush that hits pretty quick; hard to sit still. The effect lasts awhile before coming back down.
Taste/Smells: fuel, sour, green apple, eucalyptus

(I originally named this "Rattleskunk" but changed to "Fossil Fuel")
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