Schwaggy's Afghan Skunk F1

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Strain Name: Schwaggy’s Afghan Skunk F1
Genetics: Green Crack S1 x Granny Skunk
SAS F1.png
Sex: Regular
Type: Hybrid (sativa dom)
Yield: Medium-Heavy

Flowering Time: 58-65 days
Height: Short-Medium, x1.5-x2
Feeding: Moderate to heavy feed, pretty forgiving
Training: Some phenos will develop spaghetti stems under the chunky bud weight; some support will be necessary. Leafier phenos could benefit from a light defoliation at flip and around week 4.

Green Crack S1 leaners: large calyxes, chunky flowers, thick pistils, longer leaf blades, sporadic double serration, astringent/garlic/guava nose, quicker flowering, very sticky/tacky resin
Granny Skunk leaners: dense buds, smaller calyxes, thinner pistils, short leaf blades, sour apple nose, spear shaped colas
Effect: a fast acting euphoric high that eventually relaxes
Taste/Smells: astringent, sour, garlic/onion, green apple, guava, and burnt rubber.

Overall Summary:
This is a work in progress Afghan Skunk with the goal of reinforcing the influences of the SSSC Skunk#1 shared in the genetic pool of both the Green Crack and Granny Skunk. The Green Crack S1 embodies a narrowed leafed skunk with a sharp astringent overlaying a garlic/onion nose with some guava nuances. She has a fast acting euphoric high that eventually relaxes, very tacky trichome characteristic and finishes in less than 60 days. The Dominion Seeds’ Granny Skunk is a great Afghan Skunk style cultivar that brings together older genetics to produce a hard hitting, funky green apple skunk.

Schwaggy’s Afghan Skunk little beauties grow like most Afghan Skunks with minimal stretch during flower. They veg a bit slower than the average vigor, so ensure that you’re putting them into flower with an extended veg-time. The phenotype variance is still pretty open at this point, ranging from large-calyx, chunky colas to very tight, smaller-calyx spears. Most phenos sport narrow leaves and a few will express the Skelly HP leafiness from the Granny Skunk. Most plants benefit from a light defoliation in early flower (weeks 1-2) and another at around week 4-5 for the leafier phenos.

One of the goals of this project is to reinforce the sharp solvent character from the Green Crack S1 instead of the sour apple influence of the Granny Skunk. Smells will be varied with degrees of: astringent, sour, garlic/onion, green apple, guava, and burnt rubber. If you are looking to pop 1-3 seeds with the expectation of finding a RKS, this is not the pack; but if you’re looking for a solid plant in the style of an Afghan Skunk look no further.

Testing Results
These are very solid parents that have never displayed any form of hermaphroditism. This has continued in the Schwaggy’s Afghan Skunk. Some humid environments with the leafy phenos can pose a mold risk in later flower if no grower intervention takes place. Keeping airflow strong, and doing light defoliation should mitigate any mold risks.

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