Fungal Foray- Random Field and Forest Finds


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Yep, I believe they are honey mushrooms. I have seen two distinct varieties here. I think this is Armillaria Tabescens. The other is probably Armillaria Mellea.
I have a few spots in the yard where they fruit abundantly. The patches get so large they stink up the yard when they start to decompose.

For sure some type of Agaric under the white pine. Nearby under a juniper I get a dark, wine to brown capped variety.

The large and wavy capped mushrooms I have no idea. They are larger than any panaeolus I've seen, but have jet black spores. No bluing.


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Could maybe be, but I know next to nothing about mushrooms.... That being said, I've also heard if the inside of the puff balls are any darker than white, they're past their prime... FYI, to be safe... Oh, and I know you said they were near, but I've also heard you want to steer clear of mushrooms that grow on conifer type trees, like pines. But again, I'm no mushroom expert. I'm sure someone will correct me.

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Yea I tossed that one after taking the pics. This is the first year at this house so it’s neat to see the variety but they are around grown up pine trees. I’m just browsing for now, I’m not trying anything. Thanks for the tips.


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Right on, I'm just a novice too, so I can't offer any advice that doesn't err on the side of caution.
The neighbor who helped find and collect these has also been the guinea pig, and is still alive, so that's reassuring!
I am looking forward to learning more, and finding more free forest food to eat. So far we've gotten ramps, dandelions, some mushrooms, and some stuff I don't remember offhand. Enough tempura batter, and they're all delicious lol


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Wish i woulda seen this thread earlier I went out and picked a 1/2 gallon back full of shit from my front yard to feed my composting worms rofl.. mostly 1 species of i have no idea what but woulda been cool to share.. maybe next time! :D
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