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Nutes..i have a ton of them. Always searching for the one true nute...the one to rule them all.

In Canada we can get Jacks 20 20 20 or 10 30 20 or that high phosphate high nitrogen formula. I have the first 2 but #1 is really like miracle grow..#2 is good for the 2 to 3 weeks of stretch but is lacking in K for late bloom.
What we can not get is the 3 part..not easily anyway. So after much searching i found this Masterblend formula that is in Canada. Ships from Gecko out of Calgary and they provide free shipping at a point.

Mixes easy in warm water. In a 5 gallon bottle of RO water i added 14 grams of tomato 7 mag and 14 calnit starting at 10TDS and got to 1300. I will water it down a bit and give it a go.

Price 148 dollars all in (shipping included) for the big kit. 5kgA 2.5KGb 5kgC

Enough to do 360 to 400 bottles of water (5 gallons each). I go through 8 to 10 a week so that will last a while.

Calmag is covered with the mag and calnit. I think this is going to work. I believe you need npk like 1 2 3 or 1 2 2.5 to be ideal in later bloom. We shall see.

Canadians..this is about the best deal i can find for the flexibility and ease of use provided.

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Price 148 dollars all in (shipping included) for the big kit. 5kgA 2.5KGb 5kgC

G, if I ever get up your way. I'll bring you a 25lb kit (10lbs MB, 10lbs CalNit, 5lbs MgSO4). It sells for $55 south of the border with free shipping.
I don't think that they ship to Canada though.


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I like Masterblend. I wasn't going to buy liquid nutes. I don't want to pay for water. I had problems trying to get Jacks here but was able to get MB cheap and easy. I like it. It mixes easy and like you said it gives you some ability to tailor the mix to your plants needs.


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The real

Mix the tomato.....shake

Mix the Epsom Salts...shake

Mix the calnit in really hot water and mix it disolves in seconds...then add and shake

Whole bottle ready in 5 minutes....that damned calnit in cold water will clump and never mix...i think its why floats around in MegaCrop too.


Currently using (grams per 5 gallons) for veg
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10 6 5
14 8 5
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