Geekvape aegis legend with honeystick extreme wax atomizer

That's dope
You told me years ago, dabs are the only way to roll @work.
Almost scentless.
Only smoke when I push the button.
no sidestream smoke on my stinky fingers.
it looks like an ecig mod.
one handed operation at stoplights haha.
no stinky roaches.
a couple hits is enough
It takes a bunch of weed to make it!! But Mostly lowers,larf.
Its Sticky!!! It takes,some getting used to.
Dont hit the button Too Long!!! Hahahahhaha I cant breathe!!!

I didnt buy the press. But it's a my grow bros house. So its fun to Get outta work on a Friday, get my haircut and my beard trimmed in exchange for flower, eat a few šŸ„, go press some bud and drink beers every few weeks. It's what I look forward too!!
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