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Any of those available from you?
Hey @Genuity , what’s up with sloppy face I seen on your chuckers site? All them sound nice but old hoe and sloppy face caught my eye big time!????
Na,just growing these,the stuff on the site is not available.
Thanks for checking it out.
Hey Tenuity just got here myself really good to see you here hope to see some nice things on your thread
Thanks @horribleherk


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10 females of (Dulce cherry punch x purple punch 2.0)
1 female of Flookies
2 females of astrolite

This is Flookie male
View attachment 2733
He just has this look,that I enjoy..
(Fireballs x Xmas cookies)

He will be the test plant for my first led run..
COB led's have been kicking ass for me so Im sure the boards are gonna be good to you with how well the spread is on them. Seen nothing but good about them!


In Bloom
What's up Gen. I seen your IG post with them Quantum Boards from HLG. How you going about setting them up? I seen you went with the 100 watters' and was curious about the layout.
What's up buck.

Well right now I'm running 315lec,I'd like to build some type of frame/drone that fits on the 315s, with a 100watter on each side.

I'd love any input on a frame layout to match the coverage of the 315lec (4x4 in veg)
I was thinking 4 of the 100 watters,square frame,some space between the boards.
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