Good riddance 2020, you have sucked a big one!


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The only good thing about 2020 is i decided to retire Jan 31... And timing is everything.

What got me through most of this...without beating the shit out of someone coming within 5 feet or having their mask over their head....was cannabis. LOTS of it.

And pleasant conversation with a bunch of stoners....who are hunkered down pretty much the same as precovid....we been doing this a while. Its been rough but we have fun without going out. I save money on take out...learned to make bread that rivals any bakery within driving range and upped my dinner game so kid gets out of bed and the first thing he asks whats for dinner... :D

Stay safe....Happy New Year... OMG 2021. IT took me 5 years but im ready...LETS GROW THIS SHIT !!!!

And keep your chin up...we get get through this shit. We can grow our way through to the other side or at least get enough fire in us to not give a F....


sorry resolotion is 100% no more seeds. I said it lots before but i keep them in a 14 gallon tote now...and its full.

No more capital expenditures for my personal garden....i have what i need.

100% no more damned nutes in 2021...i have sacks of salts and tubs of organics...good to go.

just the occasional coconut...and maybe i will grow an aloe cacti but aloe juice in a bottle is so easy...

Oh and i will make a better worm farm !!!

These are resolutions i can stick to :D

The seeds one is not so easy but..i can dooo eeet..


Bye bye 2020, you have been as much fun as kick in the nuts with steel toe boots. 2021 here we come. Lots to look forward to, and even less reasons to look back with that bitch in the rearview. May all your endeavors be blessed in the new year my fellow Phers. Lets go deliver the kick!

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Hasn't been no lockdowns in our state at all. A couple bigger cities did some regulations here and there but really the only things ive done differant all year is buy more online.
Oh, and enjoying retirement in general.
But i do know some have had a rough go of it.
Worst flu season in a hundred years.


2020 sucked so bad I'm going coin a fresh one..."if there is nothing good about it...drop it like 2020" But I'm also not one to look back on the negative waves of the past so I welcome 2021 and all the positive waves it might have to surf! ... Happy New Year and God Bless us all on this most excellent site.


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not trying to be debative and everyone has their own experience and life’s ( no diss to anyone )

but 2020 was a comedy (from my viewpoint ) from all the govt being total bs and than they want prevention but not federal rules like china or many countries did to stop by way higher % and prevent the virus from being obvious exposure like why isn’t it mandatory or all stores they have a employee or machine they make every person be temp checked and make sure everyone is wearing the proper grade face mask/using it , look at so many people will wear cloth based diy bs for cosmetic reasons, that’s not equal to a normal mask and def lets your mucus/liquid out. It’s not a filter Inless u had nothing else. I think high traffic places need air germ killing tech to keep all negatives at bay, people pay sales tax, the company have so much to pay, that preventive system for high traffic places should be mandatory (voc, molds, virus ,bad gases and dust/allergy based ) all they wouled need is Photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) and uvc bulbs rated for their airflow and have the ducting blow 24/7 even when a/c not needed and have a inroom Example so many stores they will offer ya hand sanitizer in front but for example if you give money and exchange such things and tough misc stuff at stores , they should obviously offer that right after the checkout , money is super germy by % vs even door knobs so i think they need to offer it at every store as a person choice .. gross money . such things will not only lower the % by such a huge % and keep a lot of business alive And people can have the comfort and knowing majority are being preventive at least on the obvious , even before any virus attacks . For simple germs and sickness or pathogen removal. Why the fuck didn’t they make this mandatory along time ago?

virus issues or germs are never going away or molds. I think our govt needs a better standard of prevention forever cause our population and negatives show on a graph the stores to where stuff is made needs better standards of prevention on such ( mold , virus , voc and misc)

the whole world didn’t have a good prevention plan on virus infecti0n and their stocks to what to do is whack. I bet it won’t get better cause this isn’t the first time for a infection or knowing of what a virus or mold is or what it can do.

living experience vs non 2020. Nothing changed for me but certain things were more priced or harder to get. I’m used to be offsite and a loner and grower . Too much for the drama of city life and not gonnea depend on others cause that’s the problem with current people , exp in USA and rich countries . if they lost power, data to the net and cell phone service for even a small period of time and didn’t know why/ there would be major negativity and people would go crazy and prolly make more chaos than the issue itself ( I saw so many people since 2020 you can tell what they do for fun now is shop cause they are so bored)

bet in 3rd world countries besides the virus itself, they don’t rely on their govt worth a shit and can survive .
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since you wanna add a side note without any information or reason and be negative so, I will add logical view and why

what I mean by comedy is people accept such by their government or officials and think it’s okay to act in that manner when being in such positions in the govt back in the day they had 2nd jobs and were normal people even if they were presidents of the USA . Now it’s a super star lazy lobbyist by 75% time. all about their buddies and themselves ...

yeah cause virus, molds and anything negative should be prevention, example like a pest/mold or issue in your garden. Prevention is the key and know it can and willl happen sometime. A bad or stupid grower for pest or molds or bad stress on a plant will just assume nothing could ever happen since its not existed then and there.

prevention and efficiency is the only key (on majority of issues ) and not blaming others when 99.9% are so focused on themselves ( citizens and govt world wide) they not only can’t work together but even prevent shit Because of “myself/narcissistic” viewpoints and greed . no mystery to me because with their budgets all these rich Country’s they waste to away on the 1% population gain and fuck over the people it’s fails claims. Actions speak more than words so intill I see such , if it was a business or performance audit for something similar = fail and fire all of them and replaced with non corrupt fucktards . You think a profitable company would act this ill worth efficiency ? not on Purpose but our governments are and act like they are doing something remarkable and A+ job. Mkay be blind or accept fate as a mystery but this problem is not new in anyway and people sheep on and support .

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