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We are not excluding Canada! Several seed banks will be sponsoring the event and will be coordinating the shipping. They may charge for shipping but part of their obligation to us is to offer the seeds free without any strings attached. A few have pledged to do free shipping and others will be charging but it's a nominal cost $4 in US...not sure on cost to Canada but I believe it's less than 20


In Bloom
The lone whisky zulu. She's on day 89 and just taking her sweet time. We might let her go a full 100 days. This strain makes excellent cannabudder. I don't know if this strain is supposed to have cbd in it but I know it's in this strain and plenty of it. Same with trizzlers. Maybe it's our growing/drying/ curing technique. Maybe it's the lights I use, idk. I know Im getting the same relief that I normally get with cbd products but with a nice clear functional high that puts me in a great mood. That's when smoked. When I turned the last plants into cannabudder it was a hit with everyone who tried it and they are still texting my wife asking me when it's gonna be ready lol. Its straight couch lock with one brownie. So here she is, short, stocky and slow af!Snapchat-684123713.jpgSnapchat-311403839.jpgSnapchat-1194655759.jpg
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