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Hello to all. Looking forward to being part of this community. Not a fan of drama. I have been married for over 40 years so if i want drama all i have to do is walk out to the living room. LOL When i first started growing i did not have access to good information on growing and had a hard time the first couple of years. I love helping new growers with good solid information when i can. Sites like this are golden to new growers and experienced growers to gain good knowledge. I think of growing kinda like my occupation as fishing skipper you never stop learning and if you do you have lost your edge. Let the fun begin!


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Hello Y'all. Thanks for the invite my friend! Looks like a great group to be a part of already. I'm seeing familiar names of some very cool folks. I look forward to seeing and taking part in the fun here. No drama..(y) yup, suits me just fine .
peace my friends
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