Happy Canadian Thanksgiving


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The date is actually tomorrow but we will do the turkey today.

Did you know Canadian Thanksgiving predates American Thanksgiving by 40 years? Crazy eh!

In 1578 the British explorer, and occasional pirate, Martin Frobisher held a feast of thanksgiving in Newfoundland. Frobisher was giving thanks that he and, well, most of his crew had come back from a rough trip through the Arctic looking for the Northwest Passage.

After storms and cold and getting lost, Frobisher was sorry he hadn’t found the Passage but very happy to be alive.

And it became a tradition....it is a holiday to give THANKS.

Now it is thanks for family, harvests, not murdering some kid and being in the slammer for 20...

Thankful for ganja that has helped me so much...and for a community that is helpful and enouraging with growing.

I would be MORE thankful if these pro-line tickets came through.....lots of overs.....lots of ties...lets do this.

So raise a pumpkin spiced brew to the north....Happy Thanksgiving !


Tilts at Tables
The Harvest is in , G.

100 gallons of soil in the basement.
400 lb of Timothy hay in the crib.
All of this hay goes to Kentucky, for the races.
Farmer Joe sells me a trailer- full , for $40.

Thankful, to live under a just government that lets me enjoy the weed. For the Schools and police , that protect my children.

Thankful, for the friendly culture on this platform. All my growmies are here, and I miss the ones that aren't.

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Mother of my Children

Hope springs eternal
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