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ok so i dont think ppl are understanding my Question or perhaps im not understanding there replies.

im getting the bleach/rooters what i am talking about is AFTER the cuts/seed plants have been moved into bigger pots and there veg cycle starts. things like tribus--great white things of that nature is what im talking about. should be using something right now but i have nothing here with me at this time, just wanting to have a better root ball going into the flower cycle.

thanks for any help ..


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i will be trying this on a few cuts here before to long, what are most ppl using around here for root boosters ?. trying some new bud booster but would really like some ideals on a rooting booster.

excellent ..
I’ve had good luck using tribus, recharge, urb post transplants. I also recommend mykos at transplant. I haven’t used azos but see it recommended to be used along with mykos


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ive went through all of those except for the recharge, my just reorder some tribus.

thanks ..
If you can get yourself some aloe Vera and also make up willow water and add the aloe to the water it will enhance the root mass significantly and rapidly. The enzymes in aloe Vera and in particular willow water makes faster rooting and continues the rooting to continue at a faster rate. You tube has willow water instructions. I've used it in cloning this year and the difference between straight water and enhanced water is no comparison. Half the time for roots and larger roots.

Basically willow branches chopped up and put in a jar of water for a couple of days. Then add that. My neighbour got me on to it around Jan this year and I'm converted. That added with mychorrizal fungi and bacteria and you're on a winner.
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