Hindu Kush 100% Indica


In Bloom
this is my baby, 1 plant in a 5x5 tent, 1000whps with
2 40w blacklights on the sides

Grown in 5 gal pot with coco
Using the advanced dnutrients sensi grow and bloom partnered with big bud for first half flower and overdrive for second half flower.

Planning on running flawless finish for flush, going to run a continuous feed for 6 hours with only water and flawless then empty resevoir and run water and flawless for flush.

Im.not set in the drying method yet but I'm leaning towards drying on branches and doing a very long cure.

Looking forward to a body only sleep aid, I have zero weed tolerance so most buds get too intense too fast for me, but pure indicas allow me to smoke a little and not get an overpowering head high


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